Rosie & Dee Dee Lombardi

My Testimonials

Here are a few comments received from Rosie's clients. The questions asked were: Overall how satisfied were you with Rosie & Dee Dee, their office and their service during your listing or purchase?

R & D Alvarez
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

"Rosie is incredibly knowledgeable in what she does and we were able to trust in her that we would make the right decision and a good investment. Not being familiar with Santa Rosa, Rosie & Dee Dee took the time to show us all around to get accustomed to the different areas and get a good feel of the neighborhoods."

J Thomas
Rohnert Park, CA

"The greatest experience ever! Rosie and Dee Dee Lombardi were so supportive and professional - the were great! Everything they did was just impeccable, the most helpful in answering all of my questions. She even paid for my Home Warranty coverage."